Ledger HW.1 is multi-sig bitcoin hardware wallet that’s designed for enterprise use. Extremely compact and lightweight, it’s suitable for use by individuals or by businesses, who can secure company funds by requiring multiple key signatures to authorise their release. One of the most attractive things about the Ledger HW.1 is that it is extremely cheap, providing a good compromise between security and affordability.

The Ledger HW.1 is compatible with PC, Mac or Linux and connects via USB. There is no screen, so all transactions must be performed using the screen of the device the Ledger HW.1 is connected to. Ledger have since discontinued the Ledger HW.1 but the wallet is still available from Amazon and other outlets. Security features that come with the Ledger HW.1 include a PIN code and 2FA and the wallet can be run in three modes: Classic, Multisig or Enterprise.

Unfortunately Ledger HW.1 wallet supports only Bitcoin.