Ledger Blue is an ultra high security bitcoin wallet that’s been designed for enterprise use. Larger than a conventional hardware wallet, the Ledger Blue looks more like a tablet thanks to its full-size screen. A more professional and business-ready alternative to the original Ledger wallet, the Ledger Blue makes it easy for users to send and receive funds and to manage and implement more complex smart contracts. Dual-chip architecture gives the device a spec that’s more on a par with a laptop and the wallet comes with a rechargeable battery and both USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

Among the many security features that come as standard with the Ledger Blue is encryption and a PIN code for ease of access. A number of apps can be stored on the device, enabling the user to store most cryptocurrencies and the wallet is compatible with all major desktop and mobile operating systems. The LED backlit display measures 3.5 inches and is full colour.

Ledger Blue hardware wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ERC20 tokens and many more.