Digital Bitbox is one of the smallest Bitcoin hardware wallets on the market. Due to its compact dimensions, it can be stored and concealed virtually anywhere. The only downside to this is that it’s easier to misplace than an average hardware wallet. The USB device operates as a plug and play wallet which incorporates a number of security measures including 2FA. In addition to bitcoin and ether, the wallet can be used to store Eth Classic, ERC20 tokens and a wide range of other cryptocurrencies in the near future. The developers of Digital Bitbox are currently working on adding support for these coins.

Inside the Digital Bitbox is a microSD card which holds the user’s private keys which are encrypted. The device is designed to be compatible with Tor and Tails OS, further increasing privacy levels. Even the design of the Digital Bitbox has been crafted in such a way so as not to draw attention to the device and to mark it out as containing valuable cryptocurrency.

Digital Bitbox hardwallet is Tor and Tails OS compatible.